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i had a bunch of free time this holiday and i got super nostalgiac and yeah this happenedvoila! brittana in the early cheerios days… with a side of angst because let’s face it sue is awful and would have worked them to the bone
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Faberry fandom still alive? I’m rejoining your ranks after almost two years :B
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Realized I missed faberry week so doodled up some faberry this morning. 
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Male Brittana by me
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This is something different than the usual Klaine commissions I go for. This is Brittany and Santana as a cute couple in Cheerios uniforms. This picture was drawn by Kitsu-Kay-Chan in her GaiaOnline shop. Although perhaps not as HQ as other art I’ve commissioned this piece to me is adorable. Hope you love it too.
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Please visit evelinalindqvist’s DA.
You can also watch the speed painting of this drawing on youtube. b a d c
Up to 3400 drawings from the most talented fanartists. Just enjoy! :D
And please, spread the word! :P b a d c
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Please, if you know the fanartist who drew this one, please, send me a message. b a d c

couch (NSFW)

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