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I was too lazy to finish the dress… so let’s pretend it’s on purpose. 
I’ve tried to make video of process and it kept failing. but I have sketching recorded. only problem is that video is corrupted and I can’t edit it… T_T   
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Ok so umm I really miss Brittana, I can’t wait for the Michael Jackson episode, I’m in love with Smooth Criminal, I’m not a big fan of this new Sebastian dude and I had some free time so,
To all the lovely Brittana fandom, I present you, Smooth Criminal: Brittana edition :)
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Teen wolf fanart archive.

Hi! In case you are interested, I am also running a Teen Wolf Multiship fanart archive, and I have an entire section about all the FEMALE characters from the show. 

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A moment from the fanfic Vegas, commissioned by afterlaughs to gift i80oh
- Fanfic in spanish
- Fanfic in italian
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Please, visit elruu’s DA. b a d c
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Brittana doodle date 3 -THE END
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i had a bunch of free time this holiday and i got super nostalgiac and yeah this happenedvoila! brittana in the early cheerios days… with a side of angst because let’s face it sue is awful and would have worked them to the bone
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Faberry fandom still alive? I’m rejoining your ranks after almost two years :B
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Realized I missed faberry week so doodled up some faberry this morning. 
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