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Fanart by luckypressure.
Could someone tell me from which song performance are these dresses? 
*EDIT*: Thank you so much to anon for the answer!: “hey! those dresses in the luckypressure brittana art you just reblogged are from the s2 finale “new york” when new directions sing “light up the world” at nationals.” b a d c
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Zombie Faberry, new version of this painting ^^
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For the wife. Happy Birthday.
You should know in advance that I had no fucking idea what was going to come out when I opened photoshop.. and then this happen. I dunno if I love or hate it, but I was messing around for two hours so you’re fucking taking it. :P
Love, the (not at all mean to you) Bobbie.
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Mercedes/Quinn, starring in self-indulgent art to put one of my OTPs in pretty Indian clothing. The original’s a lot bigger so view the high-res version to see all the details :)
Not really part of a series or anything, but somewhat related thematically to this also self-indulgent Brittany/Santana in Indian clothes piece :D
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quicksand by duckayeh
Life in Huntington Beach has been a rollercoaster for Santana Lopez, but she’s finally finding her balance and learning how to move on and forward. Agreeing to give a free surf lesson might just be the best decision of her life.
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